26/101–Tale as Old as Time

(this is where I would post a picture of my ticket… but I accidently put it through the wash)

I know every kid is sort of expected to have a favorite Disney movie.  I never really did, but if there’s one movie I have more memories associated with, it is definitely  Beauty and the Beast.

I learned to play the soundtrack on the piano.  I dressed up as Belle for Halloween.  It was all a big deal.

This made it especially exciting when the movie as re-released (and in 3D, no less!).

The movie was came out when I was in first grade and I remember being awed by the music and the animation… I remember seeing a movie preview about how they used computers—computers!—to help animate the ballroom scene.

Its been years since I last saw the movie, so I’d forgotten quite a bit of it.  I can honestly say, though that it hasn’t lost off of its magic, especially the “Be Our Guest” number:

how can you not grin?


Like I mentioned, I don’t remember being especially taken with Belle as kid.  Now this isn’t about the value and/or harm in Disney Princess culture.  That’s a whole other topic that a lot has been said on and that I don’t have anything to add to.

However, as a character, she’s kind a snit.  She complains about her “provincial town” (uhh… I don’t see you doing anything to improve it Belle.  Maybe tutor those kids, so they can become readers like yourself).  She borrows books from the bookstore without buying (help build the economy of the village, Belle!).  And, after the enchanted castle gives her a live show—better than she’s ever seen, I’d assume—she breaks the rules, then complains no one is nice to her. 

Princess or not, she’s kind of an ugly human.

Regardless it was fun to go back in time, just for a night.

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25/101—Bloody Betsy

Confession: I’ve never donated blood.

I couldn’t for a couple of years, then I just never did.


The constant need for blood is pretty well documented and it’s one of those things that follows under “if you can, you should.”

So I did.  Finally.

And it was pretty easy.  And I have an appointment to donate again in six weeks.

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101/24—If Life Were a Musical

Way back here, I mentioned that there would be more about my disappointment regarding the merchandise at Glee! Live! (the !!!! can’t be denied).


I wasn’t expecting much.  I knew it would be pricy.  I knew it would be colorful.

But I also really wanted a magnet or a mug.

I’ve developed a nice little magnet and mug collection from my (limited) travels.  Two things I use.  Two things that are easy to carry in a suite case.

In fact, when I went here I got this awesome mug:

(the Marauders’ Map is heat sensitive!)

Costco run 015

Nevertheless, there wasn’t much to choose from. 

So I decided to take the Etsy plunge.  I’d admired a dozens of items but never actually made a purchase.  I looked for magnet in honor of our fun trip:



Have truer words ever been spoken written?

Seller beanforest nailed it.

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22/101—With Powdered Sugar, Chocolate, & Whip Cream


I’ve heard of people doing it, but I’ve never actually met someone who has.  Or admits to it.

Fried Twinkie.

The star of the State Fair and other traveling festivals and events.

I usually pass on fair food.  I’ll take a fro-yo on the way out anytime.  But I figured why not.


They offered it to me with a variety of toppings.  They recommended I use them all.

And really, at that point, why bother?

But I tried it.  And it was surprisingly non offensive.

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23/101—Double the Trashy (tell all)

I’ve mentioned more than a few times my (sometimes complicated) love of books.

And, as I mentioned, I can get kind of stuck on reading just a few genres.

One that I never seem to have on my reading log is the autobiography… specifically the celebrity tell-all kind.

I once heard that you shouldn’t read the autobiography of someone younger than 40.  It’s good advice that really doesn’t need explanation.

My only other criteria is that I didn’t want to read something mean.  The kind of tell-all that only serves to upset someone or something.  You know the kind.

So I waited until I heard of something interesting.  Then two books came out that I immediately added to my library requests:

source & source

They were both good… really good.  Not just as memoirs but as books in general.  I absolutely recommend them both, especially as audiobooks.

But I’m not here to review books.

(also, is is just me or is it hard to look at either cover for more than a few seconds?)

I don’t know why I shied away from these type of books.  Seriously, I just never strolled over to that part of the bookstore, unless I was specially looking for a book on Catherine the Great (totally on my to read shelf!), or something. Sure there’s a lot of crumby stuff to sift through, but that’s absolutely true of any media. 

All in all… glad I have something new a chance.

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21/101: 30 Days of Pictures, Part Tres–THE END

Where did we leave off?

November 15


Fall Colors at work.

November  16


I was supposed to go to dinner and a lectures.  Sadly other priorities called and I was stuck with  Jamba Juice dinner in my car.  Eh.

November 17


I got my hair did.

November 18


My parents’ dog.

November 19


New shoes.

November 20


A sunny day in November. 

November 21


Exciting mail.

November 22


My make up box.

November 23


Home early from work for Thanksgiving, so I worked on my Etsy bags.

November 24 – Thanksgiving


Devouring the Black Friday ads.

November 25

iphone 003

Christmas Tree is up.

November 26

iphone 004

Fresno State Football Game

November 27

iphone 008

Garbage at the train station.. London.. Paris… Orlando?

November 28


Thanksgiving has passed… time to take out the Christmas mug.

November 29


A trip to Ikea (worst. picture. ever).

November 30


My swollen toe kept me awake.  Sleepy all day.

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20/101—No Change

I’ve always wanted to pay for someone else’s bridge toll*… I don’t know, it seems like something that only happens in the movies, not in real life. 


It was easy enough.  I handed over my bill and said “No change.” Then I drove off.

I have no idea what happened after that.  But I like that I did it.


*originally, my plan was to pay for someone’s Starbucks… but then I realized I don’t go through drive-through Starbucks.  Or go to Starbucks. 

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