4/101–Living Like it’s 2003

I did it.  An entire month without Facebook.

I could use this space to talk about how I discovered Facebook all that time ago or how I use it and the massive amounts I’ve time I’ve wasted on it.  I could make jokes about “poking” or several other things that have said ten times too many by people far more eloquent and/or funny than I.

The truth is, in January 2011, the collective we understand Facebook.  There’s not much explaining to do.  Six years ago, I spent 15-minutes trying to explain Facebook to a now grown up who was my baby-sitter as a kid.  Today, I’m pretty sure my grandmothers even have at least an idea of what it is.

It’s this very familiarity that made it difficult to be off-line over the last 31 days.  My friends—regardless of how distant they may be—don’t announce news through any other medium.  For all know, I missed a grad school acceptance, engagement, or new baby pictures.

The probability of those events actually happening over the last month is pretty low.  And the much more likely scenario is that people I vaguely know announced minute-by-minute mundane details of lives I don’t really care about.

If there’s a lesson to be learned, I think it’s balance.  If there’s only one significant thing that happens on Facebook every week, than there is really no reason check it three times a day.

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