In Progress: The Best Picture List-True Grit


Balloons on a Bookmark Scientific Evaluation:

Awesome Actors: 0/25

The overall acting was excellent; however, per my definition of awesome actors, too legit to count.

GPS: 20/25

The plot was pretty basic and was set out in the first few minutes.  Easy to follow, but not so simple that it was a snooze.

Ugly Cry: 10/25

I laughed and gasped a few times.

Visual Appeal: 20/25

Sweeping plains?  Forest?  Mountain look-outs?  Frontier town?  Check, Check, Check, Check!

Anticipation: 10/20

The only other western I’ve seen is 3:10 to YumaI can’t say that it turned me off from the genre, but it certainly didn’t make me want to run out and see True Grit.  Had it not been nominated for an Academy Award, I doubt would have put it on my Netflix Queue.  Even so, I wasn’t opposed to the movie.

Lingering Thoughts: 5/10

The Good: It was a solid movie, and didn’t leave me confused.

The Bad: I can’t say that it left me with any life changing ideas.

Unexpected Expectations: 10/15

The end?  Um, yeah… didn’t see that coming!  Other than that, it was pretty much what I thought based on what I knew beforehand.

Movie Poster: 5/5


Snack: 5/5

I had chocolate fro-yo with coconut, pretzels, and hot fudge from Cultive.  Yum.

General Viewing Experience: 5/5

Saturday afternoon matinee (still over priced) with an entire row to myself.  Good times.

Overall Thoughts: 40/45

I really enjoyed it.  I’d recommend it.  I may even see it again—is that a positive enough review?

Total: 140/200

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