In Progress: The Best Picture List- Winter’s Bone


Balloons on a Bookmark Scientific Evaluation:

Awesome Actors: 5/25

I have to give credit to the main actress, Jennifer Lawrence, who got her start on The Bill Engvall Show.  I know who Bill Engvall is (kind of ), but had no idea he had a show. 

GPS: 15/25

Easy enough to follow, hard to keep track of the spunky cast of characters.

Ugly Cry: 5/25

The squirrel part didn’t bother me nearly as much as the other part (as depicted on the movie poster).

Visual Appeal: 15/25

I’ve had a certain fondness for the Ozarks ever since I read Where the Red Fern Grows.  This movie has little to nothing to do with that book except the location.  Winter’s Bone has a pretty bleak look, but it matches the tone of the movie.

Anticipation: 0/20

Didn’t know anything about it until it appeared as a nominee.

Lingering Thoughts: 8/10

So the part on the lake.  I’ve seen enough CSI to have many science-based questions regarding currents and decomposition; however, that part creeped me out enough that I don’t want to revisit the point-by-point details.

Unexpected Expectations: 5/15

Once I watched the trailer and read a few reviews, I was excited; however, it seemed to shout “look at this poverty, upper-middle class America” rather than a story.

Movie Poster: 2/5

There’s no denying the poster is very pretty, but quite deceptive.  Just by glancing at it, I thought it was for a movie similar to this one.  The movie is much more gritty than ethereal.

Snack: 3/5

Veggie sub.

General Viewing Experience: 3/5

Started on a Monday night, re-started on a Friday night

Overall Thoughts: 20/45

Great acting, a few interesting characters, not much of a story.

Total: 81/200

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