In Progress: The Best Picture List-The Kids are All Right


Balloons on a Bookmark Scientific Evaluation:

Awesome Actors: 10/25

Ya Ya from ANTM.  That, friends, is AWESOME.

GPS: 15/25

One of those movies that doesn’t actually have plot where the charters are trying to get from point A to point B… more just observations about people in an interesting circumstance.  Points for good characters that are easy to keep track of.

Ugly Cry: 0/25


Visual Appeal: 20/25

The house and backyard?  Amazing.

Anticipation: 5/20

I remember reading the review in People last summer (I’m that sophisticated, folks) and thinking it was nice to hear about a solid movie, but the plot didn’t intrigue me enough to run out and see it.

Lingering Thoughts: -5/10

The titular Kids are named Joni and Laser.  Yes, Laser as in:



The story of how Joni got her name is given in great detail—even a (very) minor plot point.

No one mentions how Laser got his name, or even really questions it (“My what a wackadoodle name!”).  This may haunt me for years.

Unexpected Expectations: 5/15

I was looking forward to a solid movie.  It was solid; however, it wasn’t spectacular. 

Movie Poster: 2/5

Meh.  Serviceable and non spectacular.  Much like the movie.

Snack: 2/5

I used an old recipe to make Flourless Chocolate Walnut Cookies.  Not bad, although regrettably sweet.

General Viewing Experience: 3/5

Thursday after work. 

Overall Thoughts: 20/45

I’d say that as far as similar movies go (observations of unique situations and people), Country Strong was more interesting.

Total: 77/200

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