In Progress: The Best Picture List–The King’s Speech

Balloons on a Bookmark Scientific Evaluation:

Awesome Actors: 0/25

All so very legit.

GPS: 25/25

I knew the very basics of who was who and what was what during this time in history.  Even with my ignorance, it was easy follow, easy to keep track of all of the characters and historical events.  Well done.

Ugly Cry: 15/25

I don’t know if it was the audience I saw it with, but there were so many funny lines that entire theatre laughed with. 

Visual Appeal: 20/25

In theory, it should be amazing.  In actually, it was so so.  Several parts felt very sound stage/Universal Studios Back Lot tour-ish.  I would have expected more.  I will give extra points for the clothes.  Lovely.

Anticipation: 10/20

I thought the plot was fascinating, although I have a history of wanting to spoon my eyes out with British period/royal dramas.  Elizabeth, I’m looking at you.

Lingering Thoughts: 10/10

Burning question:  I know Lionel was from Australia, but did he speak with an Australian accent?

Other than that, it was the kind of movie that, when I started my car and radio came on, the music didn’t seem quite worthy of the experience I’d just had.  I needed a few minutes to let it sink it in.  So many lingering thoughts, in the very best way.

Unexpected Expectations: 15/15

1000% times better than the above mentioned film. 

Movie Poster: 4/5

Hello deep pours and over dramatic quote.  Other than that, I like the period piece-retro look.

Snack: 5/5

I maybe eat two burgers a year.  I thoroughly enjoyed burger #1 at Habit Burger.  No sure how I ended up there, but I’ll be back.  Fantastic!

General Viewing Experience: 4/5

The Good: Superbowl Sunday, feisty theatre audience, gift card.

The Bad: The most beautiful day of 2011 (so far) spent indoors, still wearing (slightly uncomfortable) church clothes.

Overall Thoughts: 45/45

I really, really liked this movie.  I wasn’t perfect by any stretch, but it was solid, entertaining, and enlightening.  Not that this speaks much to my mental pursuits, but I definitely spent some time on the internet (cough::wikipedia::cough) learning more about that time period and speech disorders. 

Total: 153/200

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