In Progress: The Best Picture List-Toy Story 3


Balloons on a Bookmark Scientific Evaluation:

Awesome Actors: 0/25

Voice plus animation was great, but much like True Grit too legit.

GPS: 25/25

The plot was pretty much the same as the other Toy Story installments: Toys get misplaced due to misunderstanding; toys have adventure to get back home; Andy and family are none the wiser.

Ugly Cry: 25/25

I teared up a bit in the beginning and sobbed at the end.  I’m not even a crier. 

Visual Appeal: 10/25

Hard to judge due to the computer animated nature.  From my highly unqualified point of view, the animation was fantastic.  The style was totally appropriate to the movie; however, it didn’t blow me away.

Anticipation: 10/20

When I heard they were making a third Toy Story I was annoyed—I loved one and two, even though they came out  when I was eleven and fifteen, respectively, and I definitely felt like I was a little old for animation.  Even though the reviews were great for this one, but I still wasn’t that motivated to watch it. 

Lingering Thoughts: 8/10

Made me want to dig up my old Barbie and My Little Pony and apologize for packing them away in the closet.  They just want to be played with!

Unexpected Expectations: 15/15

From every indication (real reviews, real life people) it was going to be solid.  I didn’t expect to thoroughly enjoy it as much as I did.

Movie Poster: 5/5

Love it—especially the ‘Andy’ food sticking out of the ‘3’.  Wasn’t there another poster that said “The Toys Are Back in Town”?

Snack: 5/5

Pumpkin pancakes plus chai.  Saturday breakfast is all good.

General Viewing Experience: 5/5

First thing on a rainy Saturday.

Overall Thoughts: 45/45

Exceed my expectations

Total: 153/200

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