In Progress: The Best Picture List-Inception



Balloons on a Bookmark Scientific Evaluation:

Awesome Actors: 5/25

Oh kid who likes Bianca in 10 Things I Hate About You (movie not tv show) and Third Rock from the Sun.  I thought you were Shia whatever for the first half hour.  Whatevs.  Ya did good.

GPS: 10/25

I’m torn.  I only understood about 5% of the movie.  Now that 5% may possibly be the best movie I’ve ever seen, but I was still so utterly confused. 

I realize this may have been the point.

Ugly Cry: 0/25


Visual Appeal: 30/25

I’m giving extra credit here, because regardless if I knew what was going on, it was probably the most visually interesting film I ever seen.

Anticipation: 10/20

I remember it coming out and talking to people who saw.  The common review was that “It was amazing, I think.”  Not exactly inspiring, but quite accurate.

Lingering Thoughts: 10/10

The whole movie is a lingering thought.

Unexpected Expectations: 10/15

I expected to be confused and I was. 

Movie Poster: 5/5

Could not be any better.

Snack: 5/5

No snack. 

General Viewing Experience: 5/5

Rainy Sunday.

Overall Thoughts: 30/45


Total: 120/200

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