7/101–Not to complain, or anything…

Actual quote from a former boss:

“You are very astute at noticing other people errors”

Now, this was actually in reference to writing copy.  As you may be able to notice, I’m pretty bad with the typos; however, I’m pretty darn talented (as validated by former boss) with “editing” stuff written by other people. 

You could say it’s easy for me to criticize… and it just not other people’s grammar (although, to be fair, that is actually part of my job).  I comment (usually to my annoyed sister) when plates don’t match in restaurants,  when a“deal” is misleading at a store, when people who are suppose to help you are rude or ignorant. 

The thing is, never act on my complaints.  I just comment to people who don’t care (previously mentioned sister).  Most of the time, this is justified.  But when there are bigger issues, I still sit back, and just rage internally.

That brings me to #56 – Write a Complaint Letter.

I wasn’t going to seek out something to complain about, but I knew that over the course of 1001 days, something would surly happen that required actual action.

Over President’s Day weekend, I was lucky enough to spend some time at the beach.  It may have rained cats and dogs, but it takes a lot to ruin a weekend at the beach. 

The plan was to stay at the Mission Inn at Pismo Beach.  I’ve going to the Central Coast several times a year since I was an embryo and I was excited to try a different hotel. 


First of all, let me say that the staff was friendly and the room as large, well appointed, and clean.  The hotel, though, was in less than tip-top shape.

Upon walking into the lobby, we were faced with this mess:

Photo0035 (1)Photo0038Photo0040Photo0039 (1)


There were carpet rolls, tools, and garbage all over the lobby.  It was not only difficult to navigate the distance between the front door and the lobby with a suitcase, but potentially dangerous and generally annoying.  I came to the beach to get away from my messes (both literal and figurative), not find an entirely new one.

While in the elevator, a member of the construction crew tried to make conversation with me, in a way that made me feel a bit uncomfortable (where are you from, why are you here).  The next day a breakfast (the selection was great, by the way—lots of variety)  the best seats in the breakfast area were taken by construction crew, who seemed to be in no hurry to leave or offer their seats to paying guests.

The biggest issue I had, though, was the parking/grounds situation.  First, I’d like to make it clear that the Mission Inn makes no advertisements about their guest rooms having ocean views.  That’s appreciated and it was a pleasant surprise to find the ocean/city visible from my room… along with a large dumpster.



Again, I didn’t expect to see the ocean, but dumpster it not appreciated.


The parking.  There seemed to be ample parking on the grounds; however the construction crew had left trash (carpet pieces, paint buckets) in 21 parking spaces.  Yes.  I counted.  As I mentioned, it was raining.  So every time I came back to the hotel I had to navigate a messy parking lot—in the rain—all well hoping that I’d be a space.


I’d like to point out that this was a holiday weekend, so I’m sure why it was absolutely required  to be in the midst of construction at that particular moment in time.  Perhaps this would have been easier to swallow if there would have been some type of forewarning or discount, but nope.  There was no notice on their website or via email.  This was total surprise upon check-in.  No discount or even apology was offered.

I’m not turned off from Mission Inn at Pismo Beach, but with so many other choices in the area, I can’t say that it will be the first place I check.

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