St. Patrick’s Day Breakfast

I’m not a holiday* person.

The extent of Valentine’s Day 2011 was sending my grandmas cards.  I have some red, white, and blue pajama bottoms I’ll bust out for Independence Day.  If I happen to go to Halloween party that will be nice… but my costume will probably consist of something I already own.

Fall 2010 002

Halloween 2010

For years, though, St. Patrick’s Day was always different.  St. Patrick’s Day, from the time I was kid all the way through college meant one thing… Lucky Charms cereal with green milk.  It’s a tradition my mom started, the one day a year my sister and I could have surgery cereal.  In college it was a break I looked forward to during the monotony  of finals week.


Then I started working and realized I have no desire to eat Luck Charms anymore.  I am growing up, folks!

I mindlessly prepared today’s breakfast:

St. Patricks Day breakfast 040

Maybe it’s not that I’m not much of a holiday person, but just that I’ve gotten my holidays mixed up.  Happy Fourth of July, y’all.

*I’m not including Church holidays and celebrations.  Yes, I do celebrate those.  I just can’t compare my idiot friends “celebrating” Cinco de Mayo and the birth of our Savior.  I’m sure there’s a great joke to made here, but I’m still adjusting to time change.

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