9/101–Pedi Time

I have heard the wonders of a mani/pedi, but had never really experienced it for myself, with two exceptions: (1) I got nails painted at my aunt’s beauty shop before my eighth grade graduation… and immediately tucked my hands under my legs, thus ruining polish job; (2) with my sister on her 21st birthday.

I have nothing against manicures and pedicures.  My sister adores them (note 21st birthday activities, above).  I paint my toes and have a decent collection of polish (especially in comparison to my lip gloss and/or make up  collection, which is virtually non existent).  It just isn’t an activity I would ever just think of to do.

Then, last February, my sister and I caught wind of the Glee Tour and somehow talked ourselves into not only going, but going to the Las Vegas date.


*yes, in Las Vegas on the day the world was supposed to end.  The jokes write themselves, people.

Of course, this left plenty of time to do other things over the course of our Glee-fabulous Vegas weekend… like get a pedicure.  As one does in Las Vegas.

Knowing this was part of the plan, I arrived with pretty ugly feet:


(not enlarging this picture, due to general ugliness)

I selected a polish outside of what I usually paint my own toes with:


(not a bright pink person since the age of 6)

and voila!  Half and hour and $60 (!!!!) later my toes were looking their finest:


I enjoyed gazing lovingly at them as I waited in this line for an hour:


Which was not, in fact, the line to get in, but the merchandise line.  One of three merch kiosks.  Thanks Mandalay Bay Event Center staff for letting us know… after waiting in line for 50 minutes.  Oh well… the view was pretty:


Although the merch was pretty disappointing (more on this later):


… and it’s not like we had stellar seat to rush to:


(that’s with the zoom.  yikes.)

But the show was still a blast, my feet were pretty, and my sister and I had an all around great time. 

Pedicure = success.  Although for the price, I can’t say I’ll be doing it again soon.

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