14/101—A Dip

The saying about the how the cobbler’s children have no shoes?

Totally true.

My dad worked at a lake my entire childhood. 

My parents took me on some lovely vacations. 

We never vacationed a lake.

Granted, we were lucky enough to live a short drive to the Pacific Ocean, Sierra Nevadas, and Disneyland.  I’m not complaining.  We went to many fabulous places, but never a lake.

So, at age 26, I had never swam in a lake.

Sure, at church camp I swam in a creek.  I’ve cleaned my feet off in a stream.  Just not a lake.

So this August, when I got the chance to go camping and hiking in Tahoe National Park I jumped at it.  Not just because I adored the group attending, but because this was my chance.


We hiked up to Loch Leven Lakes.


I had research and studied up on so many other aspects of the trip, I didn’t take a look at the hike.  I trusted the group.  I’d done some day hikes before.  In fact, I always recommend Taft Point to people going to Yosemite.  I never claimed to be an outdoorsman, but I’m no couch potato.


This was no Taft Point.  There were switch backs and massive altitude changes.  There were randomly marked trails. 


I thought I was going to die.

But I didn’t.  And the lakes?


Awe-inspiring.  I wish I had a better vocabulary to describe them.  Or camera to photograph them.

My first swim?  Amazing.  (I’m on the left)


Will I do it again?  Only with better shoes and better preparation.

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