15/101-One Year Yogini

One year since the great cupcake project that kicked off this whole experiment.

Red Velvet Cupcakes 024


I’ve had fun.  I feel like I’ve accomplished a (little) something.  I feel like I’ve pushed myself to do some of those ‘someday’ things.

It’s been good.

But it’s been difficult to document.

In fact, I’ve done far more things things that I’ve posted one here.

For one, it is (sometimes) difficult for me to find a ‘kodak moment’ to illustrate the event.

For another, it is (also, sometimes) difficult to adequately describe the event.  Do I go into thoughtful detail?  Or just a quick recap?  Who (and why!) I am a writing this for, anyway?

I’m not stopping, by any means.  In fact, my goal, moving forward is to write more.  But to concentrate on what I feel up to or what’s inspiring me at that moment.  I think this is a case of something being better than nothing.

That being said, I went to my first yoga class tonight.  I had joined a gym back in July(!).  At first I wasn’t sure about the classes— what the cultural norms?  do you talk to your neighbor?  show up just as they are starting?  show up 15 minutes early?

So I observed.  I’d use the machines and watch how people acted.

*I should point out this is possibly the most laid-back, women only gym.  Ever.  It’s not like I was going to be kicked out of the cool club.

Then I stopped observing.  I’d get there later and later.  I wasn’t even attempting to attend the classes.  I ellipticalled for the very minimum amount of time I could.

Then, I realized it was (almost) my birthday.  And not attending classes and half heartedly doing the elliptical was not how I wanted to enter the next year of my life.

So I went to yoga.  And it was good.  The class was casual.  The teacher was helpful.  I’m (shockingly) flexible.  The hour flew by.

And I can’t wait to try another class.

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