First up: I don’t have any photos.

This opportunity just sort of snuck up on me and I was with out a camera.

My sister loves spin class.

I should mention, though, that she’s pretty naturally athletic.  Like, in she  can pick up a sport with a little study.

I am not.  I can practice and practice and still fail my 7th grade volleyball skills test.  True story.

She doesn’t claim to be athletic.  But I think it’s one of those gifts you only recognize if you don’t  have it.

Still, I thought I could learn to love spin.  It’s a bike.  It doesn’t require any special skills, right?

Good gravy.

So she brought me to her class one sunny Saturday.  It was rough.  My feet killed me.  My thighs screamed.  I was pretty much hunched over my bike, glued to the seat, while she joyfully yelled ‘Mazel Tov’ during the “Raise You Glass” sequence.

This was pretty much the grown up version of my failed volleyball test.

Sure, I think that with a few more classes and the right shoes I could do it and really enjoy it.  Sadly, my gym doesn’t offer Spin, so I don’t see this happening in the near future.

So there you have it.  Short, sweet, no visuals.  Spin Class: done.

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