18/101—Betsy and the Old Book

When I was in 4th grade, there was nothing I loved more than the Babysitters Club.

A decade and a half later, I still get a kick out of websites like these.

So when my sister was given an old box of books for her classroom, I got a kick out of finding this book in the stack:

St. Patricks Day breakfast 029

Even better?  This was on the inside:


One of those names?  Totally mine.

The challenge was to read a book I hadn’t read in 10-15 years.  Never did I expect that I’d be reading the exact same copy.   I don’t believe in signs, but I’ll take this as an… indication that this would be a fitting choice.

Now, I may have thought that I’d be reading something more meaningful but I can imagine something more fun.  It totally brought me back to age 10* and reminded me of how much fun I had with these and level of obsession I was at.  The internet would have been a terrible thing for Betsy and the Babysitters Club.  Yikes.

*which was actually 17 years ago, but I will let slide for the purposes of this project.

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