In Progress: 30-Days of Pictures

I’ve always admired people with fantastic photography skills who do 365-project … or, for that matter, just take beautiful photos.

I’m fairly certain I can’t commit to the 365 days of photos, but 30 seems manageable.  I like taking pictures ok… I’m just really bad at it and if I hate what I’ve taken, I usually delete and never look back.

So… I want to challenge myself to do a couple of things:

1- Find something special about everyday to photograph—nice challenge to look at the small things, yadda yadda.

2-Use my camera.  I bought it… now let’s see how to make it work (better).

Here’s days 1-4:

November 1:


Forgot put rent check in the dropbox, so I had to run home a lunch- yikes (have never done that before!).

November 2:


Ugh.  This was before I left for work, around 7:45 am… so dark!

November 3:


After I went to the gym, I had my self fully talked into buying an ipad.  Got to Target… no one to help and I left empty handed.  Wow… my floor looks dirty.

November 4:


Bought the ipad at lunch… came home from work  use 4.5 year old computer and watch Castle.  It’s Friday night… I feel so lame, yet totally okay about that.

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