23/101—Double the Trashy (tell all)

I’ve mentioned more than a few times my (sometimes complicated) love of books.

And, as I mentioned, I can get kind of stuck on reading just a few genres.

One that I never seem to have on my reading log is the autobiography… specifically the celebrity tell-all kind.

I once heard that you shouldn’t read the autobiography of someone younger than 40.  It’s good advice that really doesn’t need explanation.

My only other criteria is that I didn’t want to read something mean.  The kind of tell-all that only serves to upset someone or something.  You know the kind.

So I waited until I heard of something interesting.  Then two books came out that I immediately added to my library requests:

source & source

They were both good… really good.  Not just as memoirs but as books in general.  I absolutely recommend them both, especially as audiobooks.

But I’m not here to review books.

(also, is is just me or is it hard to look at either cover for more than a few seconds?)

I don’t know why I shied away from these type of books.  Seriously, I just never strolled over to that part of the bookstore, unless I was specially looking for a book on Catherine the Great (totally on my to read shelf!), or something. Sure there’s a lot of crumby stuff to sift through, but that’s absolutely true of any media. 

All in all… glad I have something new a chance.

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