101/24—If Life Were a Musical

Way back here, I mentioned that there would be more about my disappointment regarding the merchandise at Glee! Live! (the !!!! can’t be denied).


I wasn’t expecting much.  I knew it would be pricy.  I knew it would be colorful.

But I also really wanted a magnet or a mug.

I’ve developed a nice little magnet and mug collection from my (limited) travels.  Two things I use.  Two things that are easy to carry in a suite case.

In fact, when I went here I got this awesome mug:

(the Marauders’ Map is heat sensitive!)

Costco run 015

Nevertheless, there wasn’t much to choose from. 

So I decided to take the Etsy plunge.  I’d admired a dozens of items but never actually made a purchase.  I looked for magnet in honor of our fun trip:



Have truer words ever been spoken written?

Seller beanforest nailed it.

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