26/101–Tale as Old as Time

(this is where I would post a picture of my ticket… but I accidently put it through the wash)

I know every kid is sort of expected to have a favorite Disney movie.  I never really did, but if there’s one movie I have more memories associated with, it is definitely  Beauty and the Beast.

I learned to play the soundtrack on the piano.  I dressed up as Belle for Halloween.  It was all a big deal.

This made it especially exciting when the movie as re-released (and in 3D, no less!).

The movie was came out when I was in first grade and I remember being awed by the music and the animation… I remember seeing a movie preview about how they used computers—computers!—to help animate the ballroom scene.

Its been years since I last saw the movie, so I’d forgotten quite a bit of it.  I can honestly say, though that it hasn’t lost off of its magic, especially the “Be Our Guest” number:

how can you not grin?


Like I mentioned, I don’t remember being especially taken with Belle as kid.  Now this isn’t about the value and/or harm in Disney Princess culture.  That’s a whole other topic that a lot has been said on and that I don’t have anything to add to.

However, as a character, she’s kind a snit.  She complains about her “provincial town” (uhh… I don’t see you doing anything to improve it Belle.  Maybe tutor those kids, so they can become readers like yourself).  She borrows books from the bookstore without buying (help build the economy of the village, Belle!).  And, after the enchanted castle gives her a live show—better than she’s ever seen, I’d assume—she breaks the rules, then complains no one is nice to her. 

Princess or not, she’s kind of an ugly human.

Regardless it was fun to go back in time, just for a night.

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