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26/101–Tale as Old as Time

(this is where I would post a picture of my ticket… but I accidently put it through the wash) I know every kid is sort of expected to have a favorite Disney movie.  I never really did, but if there’s … Continue reading

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25/101—Bloody Betsy

Confession: I’ve never donated blood. I couldn’t for a couple of years, then I just never did. The constant need for blood is pretty well documented and it’s one of those things that follows under “if you can, you should.” … Continue reading

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101/24—If Life Were a Musical

Way back here, I mentioned that there would be more about my disappointment regarding the merchandise at Glee! Live! (the !!!! can’t be denied). I wasn’t expecting much.  I knew it would be pricy.  I knew it would be colorful. … Continue reading

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22/101—With Powdered Sugar, Chocolate, & Whip Cream

Ugh. I’ve heard of people doing it, but I’ve never actually met someone who has.  Or admits to it. Fried Twinkie. The star of the State Fair and other traveling festivals and events. I usually pass on fair food.  I’ll … Continue reading

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23/101—Double the Trashy (tell all)

I’ve mentioned more than a few times my (sometimes complicated) love of books. And, as I mentioned, I can get kind of stuck on reading just a few genres. One that I never seem to have on my reading log … Continue reading

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21/101: 30 Days of Pictures, Part Tres–THE END

Where did we leave off? November 15 Fall Colors at work. November  16 I was supposed to go to dinner and a lectures.  Sadly other priorities called and I was stuck with  Jamba Juice dinner in my car.  Eh. November … Continue reading

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20/101—No Change

I’ve always wanted to pay for someone else’s bridge toll*… I don’t know, it seems like something that only happens in the movies, not in real life.  (source) It was easy enough.  I handed over my bill and said “No … Continue reading

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