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23/101—Double the Trashy (tell all)

I’ve mentioned more than a few times my (sometimes complicated) love of books. And, as I mentioned, I can get kind of stuck on reading just a few genres. One that I never seem to have on my reading log … Continue reading

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13/101—Not the In-crowd

I love to read.  This went bad for me in middle school.  I wanted to read different books… that were “challenging”.  I wouldn’t read any thing trendy… being that this was the late 90s, I missed A Child Called It … Continue reading

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The One You Keep Picking Up

Have you ever had a book you’ve picked up just about every time you mosey into the bookstore, but somehow manage not buy?  source Why don’t I ever leave the store/library/amazon cart with you, The Sky is Every Where? I … Continue reading

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3/101 – Cheaper than a Ticket to Paris

One of my favorite books as a kid was Linnea in Monet’s Garden. (source) The basic summary is that Linnea and her neighbor, Mr. Bloom, visit Monet’s house (and garden) and see where they actual places that Monet painted. I … Continue reading

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No Progress: Bumped!

July of 2006.  I was overwhelmed knowing I had one year of college left.  I was trying to find a meaningful internship that would get me a fabulous job.  I was recovering from shoulder surgery on my dad’s la-z-boy.  I … Continue reading

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