In Progress: 30 Days of Pictures, Part 2

Here goes…

November 5


Early morning Amtrak.

November 6


Daylight savings ends… must change my clock.

November 7


My iPad- I finally took it out of the box and used the camera.  Nifty.

November 8


Election Day.

November 9


Last minute clean-up… annual apartment inspection in 12 hours.


November 10


Dentist Appointment

November 11


11-11-11 at 11:11.  I wanted to take a picture of a flag, it being Veterans Day and all; however, I was a work from dark to dark.

November 12, 2011


Charles Schulz Museum & Research Center.

November 13, 2011


Autumn Sunset from my treehouse window.

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In Progress: 30-Days of Pictures

I’ve always admired people with fantastic photography skills who do 365-project … or, for that matter, just take beautiful photos.

I’m fairly certain I can’t commit to the 365 days of photos, but 30 seems manageable.  I like taking pictures ok… I’m just really bad at it and if I hate what I’ve taken, I usually delete and never look back.

So… I want to challenge myself to do a couple of things:

1- Find something special about everyday to photograph—nice challenge to look at the small things, yadda yadda.

2-Use my camera.  I bought it… now let’s see how to make it work (better).

Here’s days 1-4:

November 1:


Forgot put rent check in the dropbox, so I had to run home a lunch- yikes (have never done that before!).

November 2:


Ugh.  This was before I left for work, around 7:45 am… so dark!

November 3:


After I went to the gym, I had my self fully talked into buying an ipad.  Got to Target… no one to help and I left empty handed.  Wow… my floor looks dirty.

November 4:


Bought the ipad at lunch… came home from work  use 4.5 year old computer and watch Castle.  It’s Friday night… I feel so lame, yet totally okay about that.

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19/101—Pay Off

This one is pretty straight forward and without pictures.

During the summer of 2008 I bought a car. 

I was on an automatic payment plan, so, to be honest, I never really thought about the payment side of things… just that the money would magically disappear before it got a chance to make itself at home.

Then, last year I did a little math a realized I could pay off the car and save a pretty nice penny on interest.  But I just kept putting if off.  Because I’m clearly an idiot.

Finally, I called the 1-800 number on one of my loan docs.  They gave me a $ amount I owed and an address to send it to.

So I did that.

And the money that magically disappeared from my account each month?  Manages to stay there.

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18/101—Betsy and the Old Book

When I was in 4th grade, there was nothing I loved more than the Babysitters Club.

A decade and a half later, I still get a kick out of websites like these.

So when my sister was given an old box of books for her classroom, I got a kick out of finding this book in the stack:

St. Patricks Day breakfast 029

Even better?  This was on the inside:


One of those names?  Totally mine.

The challenge was to read a book I hadn’t read in 10-15 years.  Never did I expect that I’d be reading the exact same copy.   I don’t believe in signs, but I’ll take this as an… indication that this would be a fitting choice.

Now, I may have thought that I’d be reading something more meaningful but I can imagine something more fun.  It totally brought me back to age 10* and reminded me of how much fun I had with these and level of obsession I was at.  The internet would have been a terrible thing for Betsy and the Babysitters Club.  Yikes.

*which was actually 17 years ago, but I will let slide for the purposes of this project.

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17/101—Betsy vs. the local u

On my list, I included visiting several colleges.  I’ve always liked being on college campuses—both my alma matter and others. 

It’s fascinating to learn about that college is famous for, find the interesting/wacky buildings & statues, and people watch. 

Also it’s a free to stroll around.  And especially awesome when you later read a book that takes place there and you can squee with delight “I’ve been there!” #cheapnerd

(this is where I would insert some pictures of some of my favorite college campus visits; however, I realized I didn’t take pictures of some (NYU, University of Washington) or when I did (University of Florida, University of Arizona) I did so on FILM.  yeesh). 

So here’s my flash-from-the-past example, Berkeley:


Berkeley happens to be a short-ish train ride away from where I live now.  The other campuses I recall visiting fondly were part of bigger trips that required leaving the state and whatnot.

What didn’t occur to me until recently—as in, I lived 26 years without realizing this—that one of the closets colleges to where I grew up, in terms of miles, is actually one of the most famous. 

(not that I just a college on fame and what not.  but still.)

Of course I knew where Stanford was.  I knew where I lived.  I just never put it in terms of miles. 

Socially and culturally, the Silicon Valley is pretty must it’s own island, from where I stood, growing up.  While there was always reason to visit San Francisco and LA (plays, sports, theme parks, museums, class trips, ocean front property)… sorry, what San Jose and its surrounding cities might have in terms of businesses and universities with global influence, they lack in reasons to visit.  Or think about.  Totally my (possibly ignorant)opinion and my experience, but there you have it.

So that’s why (or perhaps how) I lived my first 27 years without visiting Stanford.

That changed a couple of weeks ago.  My sister was attending a shower in the general area.  I drove over with her and my mom one sunny Saturday.  While my sister was at the shower, my mom and could have wondered mindlessly wondered around a Target, or something.  Instead, we trekked to Stanford.

Costco run 422 

And wondered around mindlessly around there.

Costco run 421

It was beautiful.  And oh so academic.

Costco run 420

It would have been awesome to go on a tour or ad least get a map so we could have an idea of what we were seeing. 

However, it was Homecoming.  The sheer number of people present was mind boggling.  As was the police escort for the opposing team. 

Costco run 419

This sounds weird to say (write?) but I feel like a more well rounded, well traveled person.  Even if I didn’t venture too far from where I was born.

(also, in another dork moment that erases any levity the above statement may have, being that it was homecoming at Stanford, I couldn’t help think of this episode of Chuck.  well that and all of the technical, medical, legal innovation that university is credited with)

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Thank-You Pinterest

I never knew I needed to to learn how to do a sock bun.


(source: on pinterest, original)

I did.

I now I do.

It is oh so awesome.

Just may change my life.

Thanks, Pinterest.

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First up: I don’t have any photos.

This opportunity just sort of snuck up on me and I was with out a camera.

My sister loves spin class.

I should mention, though, that she’s pretty naturally athletic.  Like, in she  can pick up a sport with a little study.

I am not.  I can practice and practice and still fail my 7th grade volleyball skills test.  True story.

She doesn’t claim to be athletic.  But I think it’s one of those gifts you only recognize if you don’t  have it.

Still, I thought I could learn to love spin.  It’s a bike.  It doesn’t require any special skills, right?

Good gravy.

So she brought me to her class one sunny Saturday.  It was rough.  My feet killed me.  My thighs screamed.  I was pretty much hunched over my bike, glued to the seat, while she joyfully yelled ‘Mazel Tov’ during the “Raise You Glass” sequence.

This was pretty much the grown up version of my failed volleyball test.

Sure, I think that with a few more classes and the right shoes I could do it and really enjoy it.  Sadly, my gym doesn’t offer Spin, so I don’t see this happening in the near future.

So there you have it.  Short, sweet, no visuals.  Spin Class: done.

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